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Non-Fiction books are resources that provide factual information that has been researched and confirmed as truth. The man difference between Non-Fiction and Fiction is that the authors often have higher degrees and they are often funded by educational institutions. The books that can be found here are written by highly regarded Historians. These resources would be perfect for research papers and or general research on the topic of World War II. While these resources do hold a certain educational value, they can provide entertainment for the reader. If these books are well written then the reader can find themselves facinated by the story being told as if it were a fictional story. Enjoy learning about World War II and don't shy away from Non-Fiction it will help you understand the fictional accounts.

Book Reviews

Cover of Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

Band of Brothers was adapted into an HBO special. This will cause people to want to find the book that the TV series was based on. The user will be able to find information regarding this book on my website.
Stephen E. Ambrose was a prolific historian who wrote many books about World War II. Band of Brothers is considered one of his best works. The book covers the history of the 101st Airborne and their time in Europe. The book follows the men from their boot camp and jump school through to the end of the war. These men fought in Normandy on D-Day and in the Ardeness forest during the Battle of the Bulge.
Ambrose brings history to life with this book. Users will be able to see that this book is a valuable resource for them to use in research but mostly to verify and complete their experience with the Band of Brothers.

Cover of Home Front U.S.A: America during World War II by Allan M. Winkler

Allan Winkler put together a short book that discussed the home front during World War II. The focus was on the people and gives a bit of a social history. This resource will be a great resource for students and historians alike. Here is a list of topics that are discussedin Winklers book:

Cover of Pearl Harbor by Steven Gillion

Steven Gillion has put together a masterpiece of non-fiction. Pearl Harbor tells the story of the event of Pearl Harbor through the lens of Washington D.C. The reader finds interesting information about the pre-war Washington D.C. One of these facts is that FDR was treating his sinus infection with cocaine. Gillion mixes facts such as this with the story of Pearl Harbor to bring the reader a high quality look at that tragic day in American history.

The book is short, less than 300 pages and was well researched. In conclusion this book is an amazing piece of work that will boost any research project that has to do with Pearl Harbor.