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The fictional resources that are represented on this site cover a wide array of topics. World War II allows for authors to provide their readers with a new way to look at the events that occurred between 1936-1945. The information provided here is for entertainment mostly but can also be used as a research tool. While fictional accounts are not primary sources they do provide insight into how individuals handled situations during this period of history. There are many themes that authors use in this subgenre such as the Holocaust, fictional accounts of real events, and real people.

Book Reviews

Cover of Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Pino Lella is an eighteen year old man who lives in Italy the 1940's. The reader is introduced to Pino just as the Allies are beginning to bomb Milan where Pino and his family live. For Pino and his brothers safety their parents send them to the Alps where he stays with Father Re. Father Re is part of the resistance in that he is helping Italian Jews make their way over the Alps into Switzerland. Pino is enlisted by Father Re to guide them through the mountains. He helps multiple groups escape and gets trapped by an avalanche in a shelter but is able to make it out and successfully get the party into Switzerland.
He loves the mountains and believes that he is doing great things. But he has to leave and go back to Milan. His father and mother inform Pin that he is to be drafted into the German military and will most likely be sent to the Western front. They tell him that he must enlist in the Organization Todt where he will stay in Milan and be safe. He enlists and soon finds himself driving General Leyers. Leyers answers only to Hitler. Pino goes from being disappointed that he had to be apart of something he hated, to spying for the resistance. His friends and family saw him as a traitor.
As the war draws to a close Pino has experienced first hand many of the atrocities the Nazi's had commited throughout the war. He arrests General Leyers and takes him to the resistance. Pino begins to see that Italy has changed and he is not sure if he likes it. The love of his life is murdered by firing squad and his cousin who was a hero for the Allies was shot in the head by a man wanting to steal his watch.
Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a story of hardship and perseverance. Pino Lella was a hero that history has forgotten. Mark Sullivan had the privilege of bringing Pino's story to life.

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