Sam Mueller's Evaluation Report

Evaluator Participants

Casey Hurtgen

Casey is a librarian that I work with at Mid-Continent Public Library. Casey has a Bachelors Degree is History which makes her aware of the information that I provided on my website. The fact that she is a librarian also qualifies her to evaluate the website based on its use cases. The main function of this website is to provide readers advisory for librarians and users. I chose Casey for these qualities and because I knew that she would provide a good evaluation.

Breanna Seibel

Breanna is another librarian at Mid-Continent. She is also a teacher and I wanted the opininon of someone who would be using the site for a classroom setting. Breanna is also familiar with some web design so she was a good source to have evaluate my website. She is also very creative so she gave good input as to the creativity of the website.

Kara Mueller

Kara has her Master's degree in Health Administration. She is not very familiar with history. This allows her to look at the website without any bias for the content. She is able to evaluate the website for its design only. Her evaluation is very important because it allows me to see how a user who simply does a Google search would react to my website and see what a person with little knowledge thinks about the website.

Summary of Evaluators Comments

Both Casey and Brenna focused on the accessibility of the website. They said that the color scheme made since for the topic but maybe I need to change the headings from red so that it is easier on the eyes. They both seemed to agree that the content was pertinent to the topic. The three evaluators all felt that the navigation was superb and that the links all worked. They all commented that the website images were sized appropriately and they all worked with the information provided.

Evaluator Data

These links lead to the information provided by the evaluators.

Breanna Seibel Casey Hurtgen Kara Mueller

Use Cases

The evaluators all stated that the use cases presented are relavent to the website. They all stated that the books provided and the sections would assist the user to find research information or entertainment. The purpose of the website is to provide users with quality resources as well as provide readers advisory materials.

Plan of changes

I plan to change the font color on my website. I would also like to change the sheme by centering the text and boxing the color. Have the text on a blue background with white font. But then the sides of the pages will be red to keep the patriotic theme.

I will also be adding more books to the content to insure that the user has multiple options when selecting their resources. I will be putting more links on the webpages so as to provide further information for the users.

I may also add in movies so that users will have those resources as well.

Reflections on Evaluation

The evaluation process was very interesting. The evaluators provided great feedback much of the feedback I got was good. This is alot like creating a research paper. You write the paper and then you have others read it to check for errors and quality.

My favorite aspect of this process was that I got to see my fellow students projects. I really enjoyed their analysis of my work and I learned alot by evaluating their work. The evaluation process is the most important part of the process in web design. I feel confident that I can provide a quality website.