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This website is meant to provide information on books that cover World War II. These books are non-fiction and fiction alike. The users of this website can use the site for multiple reasons. The first being that they can find books for research or for entertainment. The site will provide covers so that the user can easily find the book on the shelf for purchase or for checkout from the library. This site also allows librarians to locate books for patrons. This site will be a collection of World War II books and will make it easy for the user to find the information they are seeking. This is a reader's advisory website.

Use Cases

Case 1

A user comes to this webpage to find a book for their class research paper. Their professor asked them to have a fictional resource that gives them a different perspective on World War II. This review would be an example of what they would find from there they could decide if the book is a resource they would be interested in utilizing.

Cover of Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Pino Lella is an eighteen year old man who lives in Italy the 1940's. The reader is introduced to Pino just as the Allies are beginning to bomb Milan where Pino and his family live. For Pino and his brothers safety their parents send them to the Alps where he stays with Father Re. Father Re is part of the resistance in that he is helping Italian Jews make their way over the Alps into Switzerland. Pino is enlisted by Father Re to guide them through the mountains. He helps multiple groups escape and gets trapped by an avalanche in a shelter but is able to make it out and successfully get the party into Switzerland.
He loves the mountains and believes that he is doing great things. But he has to leave and go back to Milan. His father and mother inform Pin that he is to be drafted into the German military and will most likely be sent to the Western front. They tell him that he must enlist in the Organization Todt where he will stay in Milan and be safe. He enlists and soon finds himself driving General Leyers. Leyers answers only to Hitler. Pino goes from being disappointed that he had to be apart of something he hated, to spying for the resistance. His friends and family saw him as a traitor.
As the war draws to a close Pino has experienced first hand many of the atrocities the Nazi's had commited throughout the war. He arrests General Leyers and takes him to the resistance. Pino begins to see that Italy has changed and he is not sure if he likes it. The love of his life is murdered by firing squad and his cousin who was a hero for the Allies was shot in the head by a man wanting to steal his watch.
Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a story of hardship and perseverance. Pino Lella was a hero that history has forgotten. Mark Sullivan had the privilege of bringing Pino's story to life.

Case 2

Cover of Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

Band of Brothers was adapted into an HBO special. This will cause people to want to find the book that the TV series was based on. The user will be able to find information regarding this book on my website.
Stephen E. Ambrose was a prolific historian who wrote many books about World War II. Band of Brothers is considered one of his best works. The book covers the history of the 101st Airborne and their time in Europe. The book follows the men from their boot camp and jump school through to the end of the war. These men fought in Normandy on D-Day and in the Ardeness forest during the Battle of the Bulge.
Ambrose brings history to life with this book. Users will be able to see that this book is a valuable resource for them to use in research but mostly to verify and complete their experience with the Band of Brothers.

Case 3

The user may wish to only conduct research. They will be able to find books here that will be resources that they could use for this purpose. The example below is a book that is often referenced in research conduct about the Home Front during World War II.

Cover of Home Front U.S.A: America during World War II by Allan M. Winkler

Allan Winkler put together a short book that discussed the home front during World War II. The focus was on the people and gives a bit of a social history. This resource will be a great resource for students and historians alike. Here is a list of topics that are discussedin Winklers book:

Design Concept


  1. Age: For the most part any age would be able to get quality information from this website. It will be created for adults and have infromation for people ranging in age from 17 to 70.
  2. Gender: This website will available to everyone and is not created in a way that a single gender would feel that they would benefit from the information on the site.
  3. Where would they live: The users can live anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.
  4. What do they do for work or what are their hobbies: The users could work in any profession. The users that use this most would be interested in the history of World War II. Librarians would also be a profession that would benefit from this website.
  5. What would their internet and computer skills need to be: The user would need to have access to the internet most likely through wifi. They would need only have basic computer skills to access the information on the site.
  6. Prior Knowledge: If they have prior knowledge World War II then they will benefit much more than if they have not.

5 Reference Websites

  1. This website has a lot of great reviews and I like the navigation abilities that it provides. I want my site to be easy to navigate as well.
  2. Publisher Weekly: This website is cluttered and is not easy to navigate. This is an example of a site that I wold not want to immulate.
  3. Early word: This site has great lists on the right hand side. I would like to have links similar to this site.
  4. World War II database: This site has the book reviews cataorgized by section I think that this would be a great way to organize my website.
  5. Historynet: I like how this site has quite a bit of white space. It makes the website look very professional and is easy on the eyes.

Presentation Information

Content Synopsis

I intend to present the content of this website by providing a picture of the cover and then provide a brief reveiw. I will provide a quote from the resource so that the reader can get an idea of the style of writing. The content will be organized by subject to make it easier for the user to navigate. I want to create two pages. One for fiction and one for non-fiction.

Text Outline of Website Organization

The pages will be set up with the cover of the book being reviewed coming before the text and then the text will cover an overview of the book. Lastly I will provide a quote from the book. The hom page will have a navigation that will take the user to the other pages. The reviews will be presented in alphabetical order.

Rational for Website Organization

I want to design my website with two pages besides the homepage. The site will be alphabetized to assist with navigation. The links will help to navigate the website as well.


The media will be the pictures of the covers of the books reviewed. I will retrieve the photos by taking pictures of the books that I own. I will also pursue permission for covers that I do not own.I will be able to do so my emailing the publisher.

Color Scheme and Rational

The color scheme will be patriotic colors with the text being white. From the interviews that I conducted most of the people said that they believed that patriotic colors would be the color scheme that they see as appropriate for a site like this. The color scheme for this webpage is an example of the scheme for my final project.