My H1 is my Title

Hello, Class! My name is Sam. This is block is surrounded by paragraph tags.Paragraphs are a block level element.

However, some tags are inline, meaning that they don't create a new block of text, but they state that there
is a meaning change. For example, this text is emphasized by making it bold. Sometimes we may
choose to emphasize other text by italicizing it or underlining it

My Lists. This is an H2 header; it is a subheading underneath H1

Unordered Lists (h3 heading)

We can also make lists. Here is an example of a bulleted (unordered) grocery list:

Ordered Lists (h3 heading)

Or Sometimes I want to make a list, but it is numbered (ordered list) instead. For example, the first three
things I need to do today, in order are:

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Eat breakfest
  3. Take child to preschool

Links (h2 heading)

I can also link different things. For example, I can go to by going to
This is an absolute link because it has the entire URL listed there. If I were to link something locally on
my server relative to this file, it would be a relative link. But we'll link to that type of page next time.

Inline styling with colors (h2 heading)

I can also color text using inline styling, but for the most partit is really best to use styling that is done in
the header or using an external style sheet. But we will worry about doing that next time. Here I am
making text green, red, or blue. It is really easy to insert a new color. There are lots of places to look for
colors. You could go here, for example, at

This is all for now. I made my first page!